Thomas Flatley, 2019

Hometown: Pearl River, NY
Major: Mathematics with Pre-Engineering
Orientation Leader

“Even in the difficult classes, professors here are willing to help you. They want to help you do the best you can. They get to know you and what’s going on with you.”

Some of Thomas Flatley’s favorite childhood memories are the times he spent building things with his father. The addition he helped his father put on their house was, hands down, his all-time favorite project.

Thomas was also an astute math student, taking his high school’s math offerings as far as possible. He says his love of building and math made pursuing a degree in engineering a logical next step. When he learned about STAC’s five-year dual degree program in engineering with Manhattan College, he decided it was the right program for him. As a pre-engineering student, Thomas will spend his first three years at STAC and his final two years at Manhattan College. He’ll finish college with two bachelor’s degrees – one in math from STAC and one in engineering from Manhattan College.

“I like STAC because it isn’t a huge school with hundreds of people in a class,” Thomas says. “I went to a small high school, and STAC is just a little bit bigger than my high school. It feels comfortable.”

Now a well-established student, Thomas commutes to STAC from his native Pearl River. He says he spends most of his day on campus and even returns after dinner most nights for club and project meetings and to hang out with friends.

“I’ve had no problems fitting in as a commuter student. I’m here most of day anyways,” Thomas explains. “My first year, I went to class and came home. But after that first year, I got more involved. Now it’s almost like I do live here.”

In addition to his course load, which includes a minor in criminal justice, Thomas is part of the Aquinas Leaders Program, which requires him to complete 40 hours of work-related experience each semester. He also works as a campus orientation leader, has newly been elected as the Executive Treasurer for the Student Government Association and is a member of the college’s Commuter Connection Club, which hosts activities to bring commuters and on-campus residents together.

The summer before his sophomore year, Thomas completed an internship at A.R. Celentano Surveyors & Engineers in Rockland County. While there, he learned how to use virtual surveying software and got plenty of time in the field learning to survey new and existing homes.

“I had never done any of this before, and I enjoyed it a lot,” Thomas says. “I felt ready for the internship, and I caught on pretty quickly.”

"We are fortunate to have Thomas as part of our Aquinas Leaders Program," said Vin Crapanzano, Dean for Student Success and Director of the Aquinas Leaders Program at STAC. "He brings a wealth of energy and enthusiasm for learning more about his career path and he makes us a better place along the way."

After completing the dual-degree program, Thomas hopes to become a civil or mechanical engineer in Rockland County.


AQLP: 10-27-17