Professor Shultz conversing with two students at her office

Why study literature; isn’t it all just made up?
What does reading and writing about books really prepare me for, anyway?
What can I do with an English major?

Too often, the study of English is dismissed with questions like these, labeled an impractical discipline out of touch with contemporary concerns. At St. Thomas Aquinas College, students learn to appreciate literary study as a vibrant and dynamic pursuit essential to communicating in a modern world. English majors develop an understanding of, and an appreciation for, the ways in which language and literature shape human cultural and social experiences. Course offerings cover a wide array of English and American literature (from the monsters and heroes of Old English epic to the experimental creations of contemporary American short fiction); a full range of forms and genres (including, prose, poetry, drama, film, and emerging media); and a variety of literary critical methodologies. Students also have the opportunity to earn their teacher certification for grades 7-12 in STAC’s adolescence education program.

Moreover, while the English faculty is committed to acquainting majors with the works of traditionally canonical authors and a robust sense of literary historical periodicity, they are equally devoted to familiarizing students with the works of historically under-represented groups. Grappling with this panoply of texts and approaches, our majors hone their abilities to read closely, write persuasively, and think critically. Equipped with such analytical skills and fortified by such habits of mind, what can’t an English major do?


  • Small class sizes permit our talented faculty to work closely with each student
  • Faculty advisors provide guidance to all English majors as soon as they declare
  • Faculty advisors also work with faculty in other departments to create interdisciplinary programs of study
  • Networking opportunities provide access to internships, conferences, and research opportunities


Featured Profile
Dr. Staci Shultz
Dr. Staci Shultz
Associate Professor of English, Director of Writing

“I feel deeply fulfilled at STAC. My work feels meaningful.”

She says her favorite part of her job is getting to know her students as scholars and as people. Dr. Shultz also connects to her students by mentoring them on independent research projects and poster presentations, which gives students the opportunity to conduct their own research and present it. Meet Dr. Shultz.



Advertising/Grant Writing/Journalism/Library Information Studies/Publishing/Editing/Social Media/Teaching
students gathered with two english professors

After reading The Handmaid's Tale in Dr. Shultz's Lit & Gender class, students gathered for the premiere of the Hulu series to examine the differences between the novel and the television series.