Forensic Science

Forensic science is a constantly evolving and advancing discipline that combines biology, chemistry, and criminal justice to solve crimes and understand our past. Forensic science has helped identify criminal suspects and victims, exonerate the wrongly accused, and shed light on historical questions and mysteries. 

Internship and Experience in forensic science

Our forensic science program requires an intensive internship in a forensics lab between your junior and senior years, providing you with authentic work experience. In addition, our program adheres to guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Forensic Science and will prepare you to:

  • Perform a crime scene analysis using relevant science and technology 
  • Integrate scientific theory and practical laboratory training 
  • Professionally communicate information
  • Analyze and interpret forensic research and case study findings
  • Discuss current criminal justice, societal, governmental, ethical, scientific, and business issues concerning forensic science 

Careers in forensic science

Your forensic science degree can lead to employment opportunities in a variety of federal, state, and local government facilities and organizations, as well as private laboratory facilities.