Studying the past is crucial to understanding the present — especially in pinpointing and analyzing underlying causes in times of rapid societal change.

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Skills and Certifications in history

At STAC, you’ll learn how to evaluate complex problems, study evidence, and construct an intelligent argument. You’ll also learn to read critically, write clearly, how to analyze problems, how to study evidence and construct an argument, and become an informed citizen. In fact, history is one of the most versatile college majors because it straddles the social sciences and the humanities, arts and languages, science and economics. 

STAC students can also major in history and receive teacher certification for grades 7-12 in our adolescence education program.

Service Learning Opportunities in History

Our History Department offers a course in Native American History – and then students travel to Pine Ridge, South Dakota to work on the reservation in a variety of ways, seeing first-hand those issues they discussed in class.  Read about Katelyn McGovern's experience at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

There is also a course offering in the History of Nicaragua. In class, students learn about the history of this impoverished country, and then during spring break, they spend a week there helping to build houses and improve lives working with the Bridges to Community Organization.

Careers in History

History majors may find careers in government, politics, law, nonprofit organizations, curatorial and archival management, journalism, education, and business.