International Business Minor

International Business

More business transactions take place across national boundaries than ever before and that ascending trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future. A minor in International Business provides students with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to thrive in today's global environment.

The School of Business Administration offers an 18-credit minor in International Business

Required Courses (12 credits):
Please note that Fundamentals of International Business BUS 202 is a prerequisite for the following four courses.
MKTG 325 International Marketing
BUSA 327 International Management
FIN 329 International Finance
BUSA 331 International Law

Electives* (6 credits) Two courses selected from:
BUSA 400 Internship
ECON 347 The Global Economy
GEOG 202 Political Geography
GEOG 301 Economic Geography
POLS 301 Comparative Government
POLS 402 International Politics
FR 202 Conversational French IV OR FR 211 French Communication II
SPAN 202 Conversational Spanish IV OR SPAN 211 Spanish Communication II
ITAL 202 Conversational Italian IV OR ITAL 211 Communication in Italian

*Or any International Business Elective pre-approved by Department and Dean of the School of Business.

*Please note that prerequisites may be required for these courses. Please consult the College Catalog.