Mathematics is more than mere numbers. Math gives you the skills and analytical ability to perform tasks both great and small—from sending a rocket into space to choosing a cell phone plan. Parse complex problems into small, more manageable pieces. Majoring in math can lead to lucrative careers in everything from economics and research to finance and engineering. But not all math is created equally. At STAC, you can choose from degrees in a variety of mathematical disciplines.

Concentrations in mathematics

Applied Mathematics
Interested in applying your aptitude for math to real-world problems in science, computer science, engineering, business or industry? Applied mathematics might be your field. Here, you’ll take courses in calculus, statistics, discrete mathematics, operations research, numerical analysis, and physics and apply them to real-life situations, such as predicting the behavior of financial markets, explaining the risk factors of insuring a company, or building a bridge.

Actuarial Science
Actuaries assess the risk of an event occurring, and develop policies that help reduce costs associated with this event. To prepare for this lucrative career, you’ll take courses in calculus, the mathematics of finance, and numerical analysis, as well as courses in accounting, economics and business.

Heather Palmer
Heather Palmer, 2016

Read about Heather Palmer's experience as an actuarial science major at STAC, her research work while a student and the job she has lined up as an actuarial analyst with Zurich Insruance Group in NYC!

Pure Mathematics 
The study of pure mathematics has been called the philosophy of mathematics. It is the study of abstract mathematical concepts and problems, helping you develop objective reasoning, precise thinking, and an appreciation of the contribution of mathematics to society. In your pursuit of pure mathematics, you’ll build a foundation in calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and discrete mathematics. 

Mathematics Certification (Grades 7-12)
Working in conjunction with the School of Education, STAC’s mathematics students can take courses that prepare them to become middle and high-school mathematics teachers.

Mathematics with Engineering Dual Degree Program
Engineering – Civil, Electrical and Computer, or Mechanical 
St. Thomas Aquinas College offers a five-year dual-degree engineering program jointly with Manhattan College in Bronxville, NY.  As a pre-engineering student, you will spend your first three years with us, acquiring the Math and Science background that will prepare you for the application process into one of Manhattan’s renowned Engineering programs.  With the completion of your fifth year, you will have earned both a B.S. in Math from us and a B.S. in Engineering from Manhattan in whatever specialization you choose.

Daniel Viaud
Daniel Viaud, 2017

Read about Daniel's experiences as a math/engineering major at STAC, his internship experience, the presentation of his research work at an academic conference, and how his professors are helping him prepare for a career in mechanical engineering.


Careers in mathematics

Mathematics majors land careers in the actuarial field and in business, education, engineering, government, law enforcement, and pharmaceuticals. Our mathematics degree also prepares you for advanced degrees in math, as well as MBA programs and other graduate programs in a wide array of disciplines.