Natural Sciences

Science Professor working with students in a lab

The natural sciences major approaches science broadly rather than focusing on one specific area. This approach gives you a more balanced method to study the universe and physical world, and the courses you’ll take introduce you to a wide variety of scientific concepts.

Courses and Certifications

At STAC, you’ll take foundational courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science, and you’ll choose a track in biology, chemistry or physics to focus your studies. In your junior or senior year, you’ll have opportunities to work with your professors on focused research projects, such as examining the shoaling behaviors of fish or studying the Sparkill Creek environment.

STAC students can also receive teacher certification in science for grades 7-12 in our adolescence education program.


A foundation in the natural sciences will help you land careers in meteorology, biophysics, biostatistics, library science, and education, to name a few.