Philosophy & Religious Studies

The study of philosophy will train you to form sophisticated and logical answers to questions about knowledge and human understanding. The study of religion will help you understand how humans use myths, symbols, rituals, and other practices to create and maintain group identity and social order. 


When you major in philosophy and religious studies at STAC, you have several specialization options:

Christian Traditions
Examine the origins and history of Christianity, from the first century to the present day.

Study ethical questions and concerns and contemplate how religious practitioners and authoritative texts have contributed to ethical debates.

Expand your understanding of the history of Western thought, focusing on problems raised by human interaction in terms of history, culture. 

Hone your logic, persuasion and critical thinking skills and give yourself an edge when applying to law school.

Religious Studies
Examine the origins of religion and its expression in Eastern and Western world religions through courses in biblical literature, theology, history, and ethics.

Social Justice
Gain the intellectual tools necessary to critically evaluate the nature of social systems and practices that distribute advantages and responsibilities in disproportionate ways, or that serve the interests of some at the expense of others. 



As a philosophy major, your ability to think and write critically and apply logic to abstract and finite concepts will position you well for a high-paying careers in law, medicine, computer information technology, and government. It will also prepare you for graduate programs in philosophy, literature, religion, and psychology, to name a few.