Kayla Farley, 2019

Major: Philosophy and Religious Studies; English Minor
Hometown: Chester, New York

Kayla Farley’s parents got divorced when she was very young. As a result of the divorce and an ensuing custody battle, she says she got to know a lot about the family court system.

But her story has a happy ending: Kayla’s experiences inspired her to advocate for children going through the same struggles. She is now preparing for law school and a career in family law at St. Thomas Aquinas College.

“Growing up, my family was in and out of the courts, and I didn’t have a voice,” Kayla says. “I want to make sure children do have a say in the court system and feel comfortable through the process. Being able to help in this way is a very personal thing for me.”

When she enrolled at STAC, Kayla chose to major in philosophy and religious studies upon the advice of her academic advisor.

“Religion and philosophy go hand in hand. I enjoy looking at different societies and seeing how religion affects a society or an individual,” Kayla explains. “It’s a great foundation for studying law.”

While studying, Kayla has also completed two internships – one at a law firm in Nyack and one with an assemblywoman in Pearl River. As a result of this, she has now landed a part-time job at a law firm in Suffern, NY. In her spare time, Kayla has picked up the sport of powerlifting. It has become one of her passions and she’s training for an upcoming meet.

Kayla is also keeping busy prepping for her LSAT exams. She hopes to attend law school at Pace University or St. John’s University after graduating from STAC.

“The best lawyers are people who have been through the things those they’re representing are going through,” Kayla says. “I’ve been through the family court system, and I want to make it better for future generations.”