Psychology students are often called “scientist practitioners.” That’s because they’re trained not only in human development, but also on how to use their knowledge to conduct ethical research. In that tradition, students are trained in human development, group processes, oral communications skills, written expressive skills, and the conduct of social science research. 

Skills in psychology

As a psychology major at STAC, you’ll master the statistical procedures used to analyze data and to design and evaluate social science research through courses in general psychology, experimental psychology, and statistical methods, as well as electives in the psychology of women, group dynamics, child psychology, alcohol and substance abuse, and counseling. Psychology majors are expected to develop knowledge of the statistical procedures used to analyze data and learn how to design and evaluate research in psychology.  With that in mind, students will read and critically appraise journal articles within the professional psychology literature.  Students will be expected to write professional papers using APA style together with appropriate citations and referencing.  Students will understand the ethical issues involved in the practice of psychology and in the conduct of research in psychology. 

B.S. in Psychology (STAC) and M.S.W. in Social Work (NYU)

The New York University Silver School of Social Work and St. Thomas Aquinas College partnered to create a program which allows qualified students to complete a B.S in Psychology and a Master of Social Work in five years, rather than the usual six years of full-time study.

Psychology majors must complete 36 credits in specified Psychology courses, maintain a 3.2 GPA, and be recommended for the program by two of the three full-time psychology professors in order to be eligible to apply for this program.

Students can apply for this program in the fall semester of their senior year and if accepted, begin NYU M.S.W. courses in the spring. These courses count simultaneously towards their B.S. in psychology and their M.S.W. degree.

Students who are interested, should consult with Dr. Susan Marell at the beginning of their sophomore year for advisement on psychology courses needed for this program.

NYU Silver offers all courses on the St. Thomas Aquinas campus in Maguire Hall. For more information about NYU Silver, visit the NYU Silver Rockland webpage or email the Rockland campus at [email protected].

Careers in psychology

STAC’s psychology students are prepared for employment in medical, business and human services settings. Those who perform well are prepared for admission to graduate psychology programs, including those in clinical, school, social, and experimental psychology and counseling.