Romance Languages

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Studying a Romance Language can give you a competitive advantage in today’s global workplace.

Skills and Experiences in romance languages

When you major in the Romance Languages at STAC, you’ll explore literature, language, culture, and linguistics, leading to language proficiency and insight into world cultures. You’ll master the Spanish, French, and Italian languages and have opportunities to practice those languages by studying abroad or, closer to home, in our Italian Club, and at our foreign movie and game nights. Our students also take college trips to Ellis Island, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Languages with a Business Focus track will allow you to combine your interest in and/or facility with a foreign language with a sequence of selected business courses to create a program that employers desire: someone with a degree and training in the area of business and a sophisticated competency in another language.  It is widely known that all businesses are increasingly global in their approach, and so the need for speakers of foreign languages is on the rise.  This combined major will prepare you to help your future employer compete on a rapidly changing business landscape.

The Languages and Literatures track will give you the opportunity to combine your interest in and/or facility with a foreign language with your interest in reading and studying the great literature of other cultures. You will take courses which explore the study of literature, language, culture, and linguistics -- valuable concepts that will lead to a development of language proficiency and a discovery of the cultures of areas of the world where these languages are spoken.

In our Romance Languages Major, students work in two languages, one primary and one secondary. Possible combinations include:

  • Italian/Spanish
  • Italian/French
  • Spanish/Italian
  • Spanish/French

The new skill set that students will need goes well beyond the United States' current focus on the basics and on math, science, and technology. These skills are necessary, of course, but to be successful global citizens, workers, and leaders, students will need to be knowledgeable about the world, be able to communicate in languages other than English, and be informed and active citizens.

According to a recent survey by CNN Money, fluency in a foreign language is one of the hottest skills employers seek today. At St. Thomas Aquinas College we help our students to acquire the linguistic skills, cultural understanding, and practical hands-on experience (through internships) they need to operate in multinational corporations all over the world.

The Romance Language major becomes familiar with Spanish, Italian and French-- the languages and cultures of all the places in the world where those languages are spoken.

Study Abroad

There is no better way to truly understand a language than immersing yourself in its culture, among its native speakers.  St. Thomas Aquinas College offers a variety of opportunities to study abroad, whether coordinating with other universities that have campuses across the globe, or taking classes on our campus that include the chance to travel.  One such course, Italian Language and Culture, offers students a semester long study of the rich heritage of Italian art and literature and, during spring break, a guided trip to Italy (a student trip to Venice is pictured above) to experience all aspects of Italian culture in person. Learn about the experiences STAC students have had participating in our Study Abroad programs.

Careers for romance languages majors

Proficiency in foreign languages will help you find employment in business, travel and tourism, government, law, public health, marketing, public relations, technology, healthcare, media, and education. Many Romance Language majors also go on to earn advanced degrees or teacher certification. The Romance Languages with Business Focus prepares you in a much more specific, carefully directed way – especially with the kinds of internship opportunities we can offer.

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