Program Objectives and Requirements

​Program Objectives

1. Understand the customs and practices of recreation in other nations and cultures. 

2. Promote the multi-cultural and multidimensional skills as they relate to the leisure needs of a particular society.

3. Understand and apply the new technologies recreation and leisure.

4. Participation by faculty and students in the professional organization for the purposes of fostering the specialist within the field via networking and keeping abreast with the most recent trends through continuing education.

5. Establish productive, cooperative, effective and professional working relationships with peers, more  senior  levels  of management,  and  other departments, vendors, clients, and consultants.

6. Understand current social issues and trends and their implications for recreation, leisure, play.

7.  Understand basic medical terminology.

8. Understand the nature and etiology of disabling conditions.

9. Understand the variety attitudes towards illnesses and disabilities and their relationship to human behavior and interpersonal relationships.

10. Understand the roles, functions, and processes to interdisciplinary relationship and team planning and evaluating.

11. Process the knowledge of and the ability to utilize a variety of techniques designed to interpret therapeutic recreation to clients, colleagues, and the public through in-service and community educational programming.

Program Requirements



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