Visual Art

Today’s world offers one of the most dynamic, opportune environments for those interested in studying and making careers in the visual arts. Artists are called upon to offer their creative input into everything from video production, web design and gaming to education, therapy, and fashion.


To prepare you for this world, STAC’s visual art program includes foundational courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital media, art history and printmaking, as well as electives based on your personal or career interests. Internships with approved arts organizations are available and encouraged so you can gain hands-on experience and add to your portfolio and resume. Past students have exhibited their work in our own Azarian-McCullough Art Gallery.


You can use your visual art degree in careers in community center programs, museums, art galleries, schools, art therapy settings, fashion, merchandising, film and TV, and advertising. Your degree will also position you well for graduate study in visual arts and a career as a producing artist.

Learn more about our program at Studio Friday.