Evan Matthews, Ed. D.

Associate Professor of Music

(845) 398-4144
[email protected]
Office: Sullivan Theatre 1

This will be my tenth year teaching here at St. Thomas.  At the College I teach music and theatre courses.  I also direct and/or supervise various performance ensembles.  I am passionate about music and about teaching.  I am primarily a vocalist and love to sing jazz especially.

Here is some biographical information about me.  For about twenty

years I was on the vocal and dramatic performance scene in New York City.  I performed professionally in classical music venues, theatre and daytime television.  I also attended Columbia University for doctoral studies.  I taught singing at Hofstra University.  A couple of years after finshing a doctorate I was hired here at St. Thomas as music professor and director of performing arts.  I bring an extensive performance background and academic study to my teaching and performing here at the College.


MUS 101 Intoduction to Music

MUS 201 Introduction to American Music

MUS 205 Introduction to Jazz

MUS 204 Music Fundamentals

MUS 210 Basics of Singing

MUS 150 Choral Singing

CA 305 Principles of Acting and Directing

CA 199 Theatre Practicum