Maria Roglieri, Ph.D.

Professor Maira RoglieriProfessor of Global Languages, Cultures, and Literature

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Office: Naughton 105

Dr.  Maria Ann Roglieri is Professor of Romance Languages and teaches courses in Romance languages and literature in translation, as well as in World Literatures. She is department coordinator for all Spanish language and literature courses, as well as Italian and French courses. She holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard University and a B.A. in Italian literature from Columbia University. She also studied Italian literature and Italian opera at L’Università di Roma, La Sapienza.

Dr. Roglieri’s research interests include Dante and music, Dante and Ovid, and European medieval literature. She is a member of the St. Thomas Aquinas College Speakers Bureau and has given lectures all over the country and in Canada about her research topics. She is author of the book, Dante and Music: Musical Adaptations of Dante's Commedia (Ashgate Press, 2001) and a contributing author in Dante in the Long Nineteenth Century: Nationality, Identity, and Appropriation (Oxford University Press, 2012) and Dante on View: The Reception of Dante in the Visual and Performing Arts (Ashgate, 2007). She has also written for the humanities journals Speculum, Italicaand Dante Studies, as well as for The Dante Encyclopedia and Carte Italiane. She is a member of the Dante Society of America and the Modern Languages Association.

Dr. Roglieri is also the Founder and President of Mari Productions, LLC. As such, she is author and editor of the series, The Gluten-Free Guides (see www.theglutenfreeguides.com), which currently include: The Gluten-Free Skinny, The Gluten-Free Guide to Italy, The Gluten-Free Guide to France, The Gluten-Free Guide to Spain, The Gluten-Free Guide to New York and The Gluten-Free Guide to Washington, D.C. She lectures regularly and writes for magazines and blogs worldwide on gluten-free living and travel. She also coaches newly-diagnosed celiacs.

A native of New Jersey, Dr. Roglieri has lived in New York, Rome, and Cambridge. She has taught language and literature courses at Harvard University (1989-1994) and at St. Thomas Aquinas College since 1995. Dr. Roglieri also serves on many faculty committees and as a student advisor.

Dr. Roglieri is the co-founder of the STAC Alumni Travel Club and has led student trips and alumni trips to Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Greece. Dr. Roglieri is a recipient of awards such as the STAC Board of Trustees Award of Excellence, The Coccia Foundation Award for Excellence, and the Harvard Teaching Award. She is a violinist and regularly performs in concerts at the College. She writes for and is on the editorial board of The Hudson Independent.

In both her academic and her public service work, she regularly uses Italian, French, and Spanish and does research, conducts business and publishes in these Romance language as well. Thus in the classroom and by example, she encourages her students to learn the basics of a Romance language and especially to conduct themselves in a variety of international research, business, and travel situations in multiple languages.