Monica Wendel

Assistant Professor of Composition and Creative Writing

[email protected]
Office: Maguire Hall 119


New York University, M.F.A. Creative Writing—Poetry
State University of New York at Geneseo, B.A. Philosophy

Teaching and Research Interests

Creative writing, medical humanities, composition.

Courses Taught

English 101: College English; English 102: Intermediate Composition; English 209: Creative Writing; English 221: Literary Types: Illness & Disability; English 311: Advanced Poetry Workshop

Where to find me  

Office Hours: Maguire 119, Monday/Wednesday 1:00--3:00, or email  [email protected].


No Apocalypse (Georgetown Review Press, 2013)

“‘I am like a river/that forks around land, becomes smaller or larger or more salty,/and then reunites, on the other side, with itself’:  the sensuousness of that image conveys the nature of Monica Wendel’s work, as does the cleaving, as does the ultimate join. She’s very aware of what breaks or never forms, but her poems also seem socially and psychologically embracing, full of people and sex and dreams and cities, and yet intimate, as if I’m holding a little window in my hand. These poems feel genuine in the best sense—necessary to the poet and honest in what they love or push away from. I’ve been reluctant to use this word in blurbs, but these poems really are charming—they cast a spell that makes me want to live with them, to open that window and crawl through.” —Bob Hicok


English Kills (Autumn House Press, 2016)

“With English Kills, Wendel doesn't invite you into her world and describe it to you in poetic form. Rather, from the opening verses of this rich, mature, charmingly restless collection, you find yourself already wrapped up in the sticky midst of her creative realm—aware already, that is, of her associative fluidity between objects and sentiments, of her people and their quirks, of her places and their placelessness, of her language and its looseness, of the oneiric levity she grants even the heaviest of events, and of her certain inner emptiness that can only be filled by the most mundanely baffling of miracles.” —Paul D’Agostino

Pioneer (Thrush Press, 2014)

“I love the sense of mobility in Monica Wendel's work; her pioneer is able to go anywhere on a map, so it's her lawless dreams which spring a trap.”  —Leigh Stein

Call it a Window (Midwest Writing Center, 2012)

“What I admire about Monica Wendel’s poems is their solid grounding in the world of hard localized facts, yet how everything is imaginatively shifted, animated, tilted into the semi-weird.  In a speedy, narratively alert voice that is at once sharply colloquial, tough, tender, often humorous, as well as wise, she reveals a world of political and cultural forces at work on one imaginative consciousness and conscience.  What she calls a window is in truth her passage into a restless yet companionable visionary space where ‘we will sleep under the stars.’” —Eamon Grennan

Other Projects

“Other Islands,” a collaboration of poetry and painting with the painter Paulin Paris, is online at 7x7 and was exhibited in Los Angeles at the Artlook gallery from December 12th—December 26th, 2015.

Recent book reviews and art criticism can be found at Mediander.com.