William Prior

Associate Professor of Communication Arts

845 398-4141
[email protected]
Office: Maguire 129

I am interested in persuasive televisual communication, film and graphic art.  I teach the semiotic analysis of image communication in my classes.  My roots are in popular culture, music and art.  I am interested in neuro-linguistic programming and how text, image and language are not just communication but also devices for societal regulation and behavior modification.  Finally, I believe the interactive college student/professor experience still has validity in this era of digital media to change the lives of young people for the better.


TV Studio Production 1 &2
Video Magazine Production
TV News Show Production
Intro. to Mass Media
Writing for the Broadcast Media
Documentary Film
Electronic Field Production
Event Based Videography
Digital Documentary Production
Broadcast Journalism
Digital Film Production

Research and Print Publication

ABC - Clio of Santa Barbara, California in cooperation with Ray and Pat Browne, Editors of the Popular Press, Bowling Green State University, published two articles I wrote in the Encyclopedia of Popular Culture in 1999. The first article, Camcorder Journalism, is a study of camcorder journalism. It is an analysis oft the use of home camcorder footage in broadcast news and entertainment programming. 

The second article is a biographical review of Jon Alpert. Mr. Alpert isa Cine Eagle award winning, internationally known, documentary and electronic news producer. Jon has produced many controversial documentaries such as, A Year in the Life of Crime. He innovated the, “one man band” style of single camcorder documentary production. He is an independent producer/director/cameraman and camcorder journalist from New York City.

These articles are part of an original encyclopedia review of forms of popular culture media creators, forms, and organizations.

Inside Iraq is another published article I wrote in 1990 for Film History, a publication of the Historians Film Committee dealing with Jon Alpert and his sometimes historically controversial documentary work. Inside Iraq was the only documentary report made inside Iraq at the beginning of the first Iraq war.
Inside Iraq, 1990, Film Review by William Prior
Film History, Vol. XX, No. 4, December, 1990
Published by, The Historians Film Committee, 
Society of the American Historical Association,
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

Editorial Board Charter Member and Advisor

I am an article reviewer and member of the editorial advisory board of the Atlantic Journal of Communication. After serving as a charter and editorial board member for over ten years with the New Jersey Journal of Communication, I continue to participate in the editorial board meetings of the newly formed Atlantic Journal of Communication. 

In 1992, Dr. Gary Radford, a good friend and the journal’s original editor and also Professor of Communication at Farleigh Dickinson University, convened a small group of faculty, friends, and communication students at William Paterson University to create the New Jersey Journal of Communication (NJJC) and soon after The New Jersey Communication Association (NJCA). The journal has seen growth from a state based journal to one with international reviewers and submissions. It publishes scholarly articles on communication research and theory. Recently, the members of the journal combined forces with the New York Communication Association to create form the Atlantic Journal of Communication published by Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates starting in March of 2004.

Member the New Jersey Council of the Arts On-line Showcase

The Arts On Line Showcase is an innovative cultural information network. In February of 1997, I was contacted by The New Jersey Channel (NJN) to participate in a ground breaking on-line arts communications network. In October, 1997, NJN went on-line with Showcase, which is the official internet site of the New Jersey Council of the Arts. I was chosen as one of ten original digital electronic gallery artists who was working with text art.
My gallery is still on line at: http://jerseyarts.com/Artistgallery.aspx?ID=111