Communication Arts

Internships & Careers

Hands-on experience and networking are two key tools for landing a job after college. Our Faculty and Career Development Office work together to identify student interests and optimize internship placement. 


In your junior or senior year, you’ll intern at a broadcasting company, public relations firm, newspaper, magazine, or other media outlet. Our location, just 45 miles from the world’s largest broadcasting market, means you’ll have opportunities to work for — and with — the best in the business. STAC students have interned at ABC News, CBS News, CBS Radio, the Howard Stern Show, and the Maury Show. Many of these internships turned into full-time employment after graduation.

The internship requirement allows students to gain practical, hands-on knowledge in their field while earning college credit. Students will have a faculty advisor throughout their internship experience and will be expected to reflect on what they have learned through weekly journals as well as a cumulative report or presentation at the end of the semester.

Students seeking internships not for college credit should contact the Office of Career Development for placement opportunities. 

Because the field of communications is broad, students are encouraged to partake in more than one internship experience. 



Our Communication Arts faculty are dedicated to preparing you for the fast-paced world of media, broadcasting, social media, business, and more.

Some of our courses include a mock interview series as part of their curriculum to ensure students have the preparation and experience they need to secure jobs after graduation. Students in CA 209, Communication Skills in Business, participate in mock interviews, allowing them to experience and master all aspects of effective interviewing skills: dressing for success, using effective nonverbal communication, responding to situational and behavioral questions, and asking appropriate questions. Each interview is filmed so students can analyze performance and implement improvements.

Mock Interview Series
Check out photos from this year’s Mock Interview Series on STAC’s Flickr!

Our STAC alumni are working at companies including:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • KPMG
  • CNBC
  • MTV
  • Lifetime Television
  • Island Def Jam Music Group
  • YES Network