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Principles of Managerial Finance

This course designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of finance, financial analysis and present practical application to real-world problems. We study the concepts of financial statements analysis and its application to financial planning applying real-world data. We discuss the details of the discounted cash-flow analysis and will apply the approach to the valuation of fixed income securities, bonds and stocks. Additionally we present the basics for capital budgeting, capital investment decisions and project analysis and evaluation.

Principles of Corporate Finance

This course is designed to introduce students to the corporate financial manager's activities and decisions while never losing sight of their ethical responsibilities to all stakeholders of a firm. This course also develops deeper understanding of financial decision making and advanced methodologies of financial analysis. We study the concepts of risk and return and their application to financial decision making applying real-world data. We discuss the details of cost of capital and long-term financial policy as well as short-term financial planning and management. Additionally we present the basics of behavioral finance.


Program requirements

MGT 121 Management Process 
BUSA 202 Fundamentals/Inter Business 
BUSA 205 Business Law I 
BUSA 302 Business Statistics 
BUSA 490 Business Strategies 
ECON 101 Macroeconomics 
ECON 102 Microeconomics 
ACCT 101 Principles of Accounting I 
ACCT 102 Principles of Accounting II 
MKTG 102 Principles of Marketing 
FIN 201 Prin. of Managerial Finance 
FIN 202 Investment Analysis I 
FIN 303 Prin. of Corporate Finance 

Finance Electives:
Four courses from:
FIN 305 Current Issues in Finance 
FIN 329 International Finance 
FIN 411 Fin. Institutions & Markets 
FIN 412 Investment Analysis II 
FIN 421 Financial Statement Analysis 
FIN 422 Mergers & Acquisitions 
ECON 313 Money & Banking 

Elective: One course in BUSA, ACCT, ECON, FIN, MGT, MKTG or MIS


Humanities (30 Credits)
*ENG 101 College English
*ENG 102 Intermediate Composition
*Literature: Two courses from ENG 201, 203, 205, 207 or 221
Philosophy (Ethics recommended)
Religious Studies
Art, Music, Film or Theater
*CA 101 Speech Communication
*Single Foreign Language (6 cr.)

Natural Science (12 Credits)
*Mathematics  (6 credits)
*CIS 211 Software Topics

*Must be completed within the first 4 semesters.

Social Science (6 Credits)
American History or Political Science
European or Non Western History

**Liberal Arts (6 Credits) 
CA 209 Comm. Skills in Business 
Liberal Arts Elective

Free Electives ( 3 credits)

Required Experiences

Experiental Learning
Study Beyond