Jeanine Grillo, 2016

Hometown: Monroe, NY
Major: Finance

“I walked into STAC excited but nervous. When I left I felt like I could go out and conquer the world. I owe my professors all of that.”

In her sophomore year, Jeanine Grillo applied to STAC’s KPMG University Mentor Program, which provides qualified students with designated KPMG mentors who meet with them once a month. Jeanine was accepted. The summer before her senior year she landed her first internship within KPMG’s Strategic Growth Initiatives Group as a Financial Analyst.

She went on to complete another KPMG internship, this time in with the international accounting firm’s charitable foundation, the fall of her senior year. By April, using the connections she made through the KPMG mentoring program and her internships, Jeanine had lined up a job for after graduation. She started at KPMG that June.

“I never saw myself working in the suburbs as a financial analyst. I saw myself living in New York City and working in marketing,” Jeanine says. “But through the KPMG mentoring program, I learned more about myself, my goals and my strengths, and I fell in love with the friendly atmosphere at KPMG.”

Now, Jeanine works as a financial analyst at KPMG’s Montvale, NJ office, where she helps the accounting firm identify and implement strategic growth initiatives – programs and projects the company hopes will increase revenue and earnings growth.

“My job is create financial plans for small ideas that can grow into functional and usable ideas,” Jeanine explains.

She says that for her, STAC’s mentorship program and networking with KPMG employees and leadership were key to her success as an intern and, ultimately, landing her first job. Now she hopes to help future generations of STAC students by becoming a KPMG mentor herself.

“Mentorship is so important, especially for females in finance,” Jeanine says. “People who reach back to help a younger generation of employees keep you motivated, and having mentors – whether they’re at a high level or just a year ahead of you – gives you role models and goals to work toward.”