Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management Program

Hospitality Management is part of the travel and tourism industry and includes professional managers in areas such as hotels, event planning, country clubs, and food service organizations. Successful professionals in this industry combine core business analytical skills with well-developed “people skills” to offer a superior guest experience. Leaders and employees of hospitality firms recognize and are attuned to their guests’ individual needs as well as the business requirements of the organization. They have opportunities to apply this expertise in a local community or in global cities from New York to London to Beijing.


The Hospitality Management Program offered through St. Thomas Aquinas College’s School of Business provides students with knowledge and experience beyond the classroom. We’ve designed this program to prepare students for real-world experiences, allowing them to support and assist in the development of a company’s business objectives. With constant industry exposure at their fingertips, students are sure to become effective in providing superior customer service across the extensive range of service industries encompassed in the Hospitality Management field.

Students gain an understanding of how social, cultural, and economic forces affect all aspects of the hospitality industry from professors who have first-hand experience in hospitality management. STAC’s location also allows for a widespread hospitality network in Rockland County, New York City and beyond, providing students with limitless opportunities and resources to showcase and strengthen newfound skills at world-class hotels, conference centers, restaurants, and corporations. Graduates become effective and ethical leaders with the financial and technical know-how to navigate the full spectrum of hospitality operations.

Featured Profile
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Daniel Dominguez '22
Hospitality Management

Life gets "sweeter" for Daniel Dominguez!

“I chose STAC because I wanted the small classrooms, to really connect with professors, and to get the most out of my education.”

Daniel keeps busy by running his own ice cream business, Daydream Creamery, and notes that STAC and the Hospitality Management program have guided him with business planning and understanding for what it takes to be in the Hospitality Industry. Read More

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