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The Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management Program offered through STAC’s School of Business provides students with the knowledge and experience necessary to support a company’s business objectives and ensure superior customer service across a wide range of service industries. Graduates become effective and ethical leaders with the financial and technical know-how to navigate the full spectrum of hospitality operations.

Students discover how social, cultural, and economic forces impact the dynamic hospitality industry and also find limitless opportunities to showcase and strengthen newfound skills at world-class hotels, conference centers, restaurants, and corporations while learning from professors who have relevant, real-world experience in hospitality management.

Hospitality Management Courses

St. Thomas Aquinas College Hospitality Management students gain both an understanding of fundamental business practices in the hospitality industry and exceptional interpersonal skills, setting them up for success in the field. Some of the dynamic courses offered in the Hospitality Management program include:

Hospitality Finance and Revenue Management

In this course, students expand upon their knowledge of accounting concepts using the hospitality industry version of the Uniform System of Accounts, with a focus on the importance of revenue recognition, expense classification, and matching of revenue and expenses for operational analysis purposes. Students are encouraged to tap into their accounting and financial/data ratio analysis skills as a tool in hospitality decision making.

Service Technology and Innovation

This course examines technology and innovation strategies in the hospitality industry. Students learn what technology and innovations exist in the modern hospitality landscape and how to best use them to their advantage. Topics of discussion include technology trends, recent innovations, databases and data analytics, and global distribution systems.

Event Planning and Management

This course examines the designing, planning, and staging of an event in the hospitality industry. As a final project, students design and present an event concept in their area of interest.

Hospitality Management Internships

Students are also offered internship opportunities while at STAC, allowing them to partake in a supervised and structured industry learning experience. Internships are designed for students to obtain practical experience and course credit in a functional department within hospitality operations. Potential sites might include hotels, private clubs, convention centers, tourism offices, airports, airlines, spas, or restaurants.

Set Yourself Apart with an MBA

Looking to become a leader in the hospitality industry? Upon graduation from our undergraduate Hospitality Management program, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in STAC’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program and earn your master’s degree in as little as one year. Learn more about the program.


A degree in Hospitality Management from STAC will prepare you for careers in hotel management, resorts, restaurants, conference and trade centers, event planning agencies, casinos, travel agencies, airlines, and even human resource management and customer service management.

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