If you’ve ever purchased a product or service because of a television commercial, advertisement or billboard, you’ve proven the power of marketing. Marketing is a complex field encompassing everything from advertising and sales to market research and communications. To succeed in it, you’ll need to be able to analyze and evaluate marketing strategy and think critically and ethically when implementing it.

Skills In Marketing

At STAC, you’ll learn how social, cultural, international, ethical, and economic forces impact marketing. You’ll also learn how to determine product, price, promotion and place to meet the needs of a target market and implement creative marketing strategy. And you’ll hone your writing and communication skills through plenty of written analyses and oral presentations.

Careers in marketing

A degree in marketing has a wide variety of applications, including advertising, sales, public relations, purchasing and procurement, retail, banking, brand management, and marketing research.


Upon graduation from our marketing program, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in our MBA program and earn your master’s degree in as little as one year. Learn more.