Students who choose to partake in the study of business administration as a minor will be taught the basic concepts and essential topics needed to understand and participate in the field of business.

A minor in Economics will give students an insight into economic principles and the analytic tools needed to understand the role of economics in different markets, business cycles, and fiscal and monetary policy.

Human Resource Management 
It's often stated that an organization's greatest resource is its employees. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to manage this resource, thereby increasing overall organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

International Business
More business transactions take place across national boundaries than ever before and that ascending trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.  A minor in International Business provides students with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to thrive in today's  global environment. 

Students will learn the basics of management theory and the different approaches corporations, not-for-profits, and entrepreneurial organizations apply to succeed in the current economic environment. This minor is especially appropriate for students with non-business majors with a career focus.

Management Information Systems
This minor is designed for students who are interested in information systems and how information is managed and applied in a variety of organizations.  An MIS minor will enhance students career options and increase their ability to analyze, design, and manage information processes associated with their profession.

A minor in Marketing will provide students with a broad understanding of marketing concepts, and the application of marketing theories in a variety of business situations.  Students will have the opportunity to study marketing applications in a variety of areas including: social media, consumer behavior, advertising, brand management, sales and marketing research.

Sport Management
A Sport Management minor allows students to explore the many applications of sport management including, marketing and promotions,