Internships Vs. Experiential Learning

Internships and the Experiential Learning practicums are partnerships between students, faculty, and the community which promotes development of student professional, personal and academic skills in an applied learning environment. There are many ways to learn through experience.




Experiential Learning Practicum



Students gain practical relevant work experience over a period of one term

Students learn and apply course content as part of a specific experience

Eligible Applicants: Soph/Juniors/Seniors


3 credit Internship - 90 credits required

1 credit Internship - 30 credits required

30 credits recommendedFreshman can be considered



Faculty and Internship coordinator supervision

Faculty and Internship Coordinator supervision



1 Semester

A designated time frame within the semester

Relation to Major


Major related

Major related



3 credits or 1 credit

*Credit received as part of graduation requirement

Academic Notation


Shows on transcript

*Certificate available



May or may not be paid. 

Not Paid

Work Schedule


Flexible around classes

Flexible around classes

How to Apply


Obtain Application packet and send in a resume.

Obtain application packet and send in a resume.