Study Beyond


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At St. Thomas Aquinas College, the Experiential Learning and Study Beyond requirements are designed to integrate classroom knowledge with professional experience and give students a hands-on opportunity in their field of study.  With the guidance of the Director of Experiential Learning, the Internship Faculty Mentor, and their Internship Supervisor, students achieve educational and professional development in their field of study. This can directly help to define future career paths and goals.

This cooperative endeavor consists of a well-planned, carefully mentored program that can be invaluable to our students.  The Study Beyond 100 point plan allows various opportunities for students to achieve these goals beyond the classroom walls. Internships, service learning, study abroad, off campus academic competitions and many other creative and professional work experiences are available. In addition, the internship sponsor has an opportunity to preview potential candidates and to develop internship projects that will enhance the mission of the sponsoring organization. Students in the School of Business are required to obtain 100 points towards Experiential Learning and Study Beyond by Graduation. Learn about the Graduation Point System here.

Students may take a credit bearing business internship to fulfill a business elective or a free elective and can receive either one credit or three credits toward their degree. Various paid internships are available as well.  Approved Experiential Learning and Study Beyond pieces can also fulfill this graduation requirement. Our student focused program continues to be a resource within the School of Business for facilitating hands on learning experiences related to the professional development and goals of our students.

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Learn about the Graduation Point System here.