Alexis Callan, 2016

Hometown: Congers, NY
Major: Business Administration w/ Concentration in Human Resources
MBA Candidate

“I interned at a solar panel company, and it confirmed for me that I wanted to work in HR. It was a great way to get a taste of the real world and try out the things I was learning in class.”

When Alexis Callan graduated from high school, she intended to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an interior designer. So she set off for college, began her degree program and realized fairly quickly that interior design wasn’t for her. So she transferred to a college in New York City to study Marketing and Business Communications. After a semester, she discovered that wasn’t her thing, either.

“At that point, my parents said that I had to ‘get it together.’ My parents and my older sister are all STAC alumni, so my mom suggested we visit STAC,” Alexis says. “I never looked at it because I didn’t want to go where everyone else went. But when I visited, I fell in love with it.”

So Alexis transferred her credits and declared a major in Business Administration and a minor in Human Resources. It stuck. She graduated in 2016 and, not long after, landed a job interview with a  BMW vendor, The Retail Performance Company, a German Coaching, Consulting, Training and HR services company with offices in BMW’s headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. Seven interviews later, Alexis had the job.

As Project Coordinator, Alexis worked in the company’s corporate office, concentrating her efforts on company financials, project development and employee onboarding. She now serves as Office Manager focusing solely on HR in the company’s corporate office.

“My whole life, my Mom has worked at Volvo, so I’ve always been obsessed with cars,” Alexis says. “After interior design fell through, I said if I had to pick a company to work for or with, it would be BMW. This is a dream job.”

Alexis’s advice for future students? Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“Your classmates are in the same boat as you are and if you can help each other get through a tough class, do it!” Alexis advises. “And your professors and advisors want to help you so take them up on their offers. Establishing and maintaining a relationship with them will benefit you in the long run.”

These days, Alexis is back at STAC, earning her MBA evenings, weekends and online while she works full-time.

“I had the best professors at STAC, and I knew I wanted to continue my education there,” Alexis says. “Working for The Retail Performance Company and BMW has confirmed for me that I want to work here for the long haul. Jobs are competitive and there are high expectations of employees. I not only want my MBA, I need it.”