School of Business Faculty


Michael J. Murphy, Dean of the School of Business
Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Management Science

B.A., Northwestern University; M.B.A., SUNY Albany; Certificate of Advanced Studies, Pace University; Ph.D. Candidate: Stevens Institute of Technology 
Contact Professor Murphy: 845-398-4118 or [email protected]

Christine Cahill, Assistant Dean of the School of Business
Professor of Business Administration

B.A., SUNY Binghamton; J.D., Indiana University School of Law 
Contact Professor Cahill: 845-398-4121 or [email protected]

Dr. Joseph Charleman, Associate Professor of Healthcare Management
B.S., Nyack College; M.S., New England College; D.B.A., Northcentral University
Contact Dr. Charleman: 845-398-4127 or [email protected]

Pamela Derfus, Associate Professor of Management
B.S., Boston University; Ph.D., University of Maryland 
Contact Dr. Derfus: 845-398-4122 or [email protected]

Deirdre Engels, Associate Professor of Marketing
B.A., Dickinson College; M.B.A., Fordham University; D.P.S., Pace University 
Contact Dr. Engels: 845-398-4115 or [email protected]

Dr. Tingting Liu, Assistant Professor of Human Resources Management
B.S., University of Science and Technology (Beijing); M.A., Pepperdine University; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
Contact Dr. Liu: 845-398-4062 or [email protected]

Angela McDonnell, Instructor of Hospitality Management
B.A., De Monfort University, UK; Post Graduate Certificate, University of Wolverhampton, UK;
Masters of Arts Business Administration, University of Birmingham, UK; Post Graduate Diploma, Durham University, UK
Contact Professor McDonnell: 845-398-4111 or [email protected]

Meghan Mihal, Professor of Economics
B.A., B.S., Albright College; M.A., Ph.D., Fordham University 
Contact Dr. Mihal: 845-398-4117 or [email protected]

James Muckell, Associate Professor of Accounting
B.S., Fordham University; M.B.A., Pace University; C.P.A.
Contact Prof. Muckell [email protected]

Mariellen Murphy-Holahan, Associate Professor of Accounting
B.S., SUNY Albany; M.B.A., Long Island University; C.P.A.
Contact Professor Murphy-Holahan: 845-398-4112 or [email protected]

Nikolas Papavlassopulos, Professor of Finance and Business Administration
B.S., M.A., City College, City University of New York; Ph.D., City University of New York
Contact Dr. Papavlassopulos: 845-398-4119 or [email protected] 

Rossen Trendafilov, Associate Professor of Finance
B.S., College of Mount St. Vincent; M.A., Ph.D., Fordham University 
Contact Dr. Trendafilov: 845-398-4113 or [email protected]

Barbara Vano, Assistant Professor of Sports Management Studies
A.A.S., SUNY Farmingdale; B.S., M.A., Adelphi University, Additional Studies, Adelphi University
Contact Professor Vano: 845-398-4058 or [email protected] 


Barbara Donn, Professor of Accounting
Maureen Kelleher, Professor of Business Administration & Law
Roger Levy, Professor of International Studies
Helen McGowan, Professor of Accounting and Finance
Ronald Smith, Professor of Accounting and Finance


John Azarian, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
B.S., Farleigh Dickinson University

Eugenio Bazzarelli, Hospitality Management
B.S., East Stroudsburg University; M.B.A, Wagner College; Additional Studies, Cornell University

Anthony Bragaglia, Business Administration 
B.A., St. Thomas Aquinas College; J.D., St. John's University School of Law

Lisa Brooks-Greaux, Management
B.S., Temple University; M.S., Fordham University; Ed.D., Columbia University

Shauna Butler, Accounting
B.S., Manhattan College, C.P.A.

Kara Codio, Marketing
B.S., Long Island University, M.B.A., Iona College

Joel Cohn, Management
B.A., SUNY Binghamton; M.A., University of Notre Dame, D.M., University of Phoenix

Vin Crapanzano, Marketing
A.A., Rockland Community College; B.A., M.B.A., St. Thomas Aquinas College; Additional Studies, Iona College

Kathy Culla, Business Administration
B.A., Manhattanville College; M.B.A., Iona College

Mary Gettler, Accounting
B.S., St. Thomas Aquinas College; New York; M.B.A., Iona College

Stanley Herman, International Studies
B.S., Purdue University; M.B.A., Columbia University

Nathan Himelstein, Marketing/Management
B.S., Rutgers University; M.B.A., Seton Hall University; Ed.D., Temple University

Robert Koob, Business Administration
B.A., Stevens Institute of Technology; M.S., Stevens Institute of Technology; M.B.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University

William Madden, Media & Sports Management
B.S., St. Thomas Aquinas College

Michael McManus, Sports Management
B.S., Mercy College; M.S., St. Thomas of Villanova University

Laurence F. O’Connell, Statistics, Economics
B.S., Manhattan College; M.B.A., Fordham University; M.S. Management & Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; M.A., Ph.D. Economics, The New School of Social Research

Thomas Preston, Management
B.S., Michigan State University; MBA, New York University

Amir N. Zamani, Finance
M.A., Michigan State University; Ph.D., Columbia University