Helene Robbins, Ph.D.

Professor of Education

[email protected]
Office: 108 Borelli Hall

Dr. Helene Robbins is a Professor of Education at St. Thomas Aquinas College. Dr. Robbins has been associated with the college since 1986 when she was hired as an adjunct lecturer teaching psychology and education courses. In 1989 she joined the college full time as Director of the Education Resource Center and shortly after that was hired as a full time faculty member in the Division of Teacher Education. She has since taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate classes in psychology, curriculum and models of instructions, and social studies methodology. Dr. Robbins has had a long career at St. Thomas Aquinas College and still loves coming to work each day.

Dr. Robbins is known at the college as the “Queen of Set Inductions.” She sees the extreme value in motivating her students with exciting, intriguing starts to her lessons so she can capture their attention and sustain it throughout the lessons. Dr. Robbins has done some research highlighting the importance of the initial phase of a lesson and continues to monitor her own effectiveness and the impact that modeling has on the future teachers she instructs.  Dr. Robbins has also been exploring the cutbacks in the amount of social studies taught in the public schools today.

In addition to her teaching, Dr. Robbins has been the counselor and treasurer of Kappa Delta Pi, the international honor society in education and has recently begun the role as “party planner” for the annual “Welcome to the School of Education Freshman/Sophomore Gathering.”