Jessica Vento, 2020

Jessica Vento smiling, wearing cap and gown after undergraduate commencement

MSEd in Early Childhood and Childhood Literacy
BS in Early Childhood and Childhood Education, 2020

"STAC has given me the experience and knowledge to be the best teacher I can be. My love for teaching has grown with every year of my course work."

Jessica Vento graduated from STAC in 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education. As an alumna of the STAC community, she went on to pursue her studies right away in the Masters of Science in Education program at STAC for Early Childhood and Childhood Literacy. 

Currently, Jessica is working as a Head Preschool Teacher at Blooming Grove Daycare Center in Blooming Grove, NY. As a Head Teacher, her day involves enjoyable activities for her students which include reading stories, singing, and playing outside. All her instructional activities help her students learn. “I love the enthusiasm that comes with teaching young children. They are so excited to learn and it makes me all the more excited to teach them,” expressed Vento. One thing that makes Jessica’s position all the more rewarding is the compassion that her students bring into the classroom. Her students share a joy for learning and love cheering on their peers' successes. Jessica is always striving to create a space for learning that is safe and meaningful for her students. Seeing her students grow as learners and individuals is “one of the best things about the teaching profession… it is the ultimate form of caring.” 

Jessica always knew she wanted to teach. Her excitement for learning and education was strongly influenced by her mother who also worked as a Head Teacher at Blooming Grove Daycare Center. “I loved seeing her interact with children in her care. It was from this moment that I knew I wanted to work with children,” said Vento. Jessica’s passion for teaching continued to blossom throughout her time at STAC, and she feels extremely honored to begin her career at a place that holds sentimental value. 

Aside from teaching, Jessica Vento has a love for analyzing films, a hobby her father passed down to her. She enjoys collecting film artifacts and memorabilia, which her family has used to turn into a museum called the Haunted Barn. “For most of my life we have been hosting ‘film screenings’ for our friends and family every month. I have made so many connections through film… films are an integral part of my life,” expressed Vento. Not only does she cherish teaching people about film history, Jessica also has a passion for music. Vento loves singing and continued her talent through STAC singers and STACapella. “In my current classroom, my students and I sing songs constantly. Songs are a great way for young students to learn and express themselves,” said Vento. 

Jessica is incredibly thankful for the knowledge and care her professors in the Education and English departments shared throughout her years in the program. “Dr. Rockwell was the first professor to make me feel like I was on the right track. I started to connect with the fundamentals of the teaching profession. Dr. Murray encouraged me to think critically about literature,” said Vento. Jessica strongly expresses that STAC has given her the experience and knowledge to be the best teacher she can be. “My love for teaching has grown every year of my coursework. In my current classroom, I create deep, thematic units which I was taught to make in my Early Childhood Curriculum class,” said Vento. Jessica utilizes lesson writing formats, assessments, and behavior management strategies she was taught  in the education program. 

Her advice for students preparing to graduate would be to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. “Always make time for the people that matter in your life, this will help you through the stressors of the working world… make sure to take care of yourself. Get sleep and exercise. It can be easy to lose track of your own needs when you are devoting your time to a job,” said Vento. 

One of Jessica’s goals today is to complete her graduate studies and obtain a Post-Master’s Certificate in Special Education. She sees herself continuing to work with young children. Her ideal career would be finding a job as a Universal Pre-K or K-2 teacher.

When she’s not hard at work, Jessica enjoys watching her favorite films which include On the Waterfront (1954), West Side Story (1961), The Innocents (1961), and The Graduate (1968), among others. If Jessica were to choose a path outside of teaching, she would be a linguistic expert, marine biologist, professional choir singer, or a genealogist.