Cristian Hilario, 2022

Cristian smiling, wearing black suit jacketMST in Adolescence Education (7-12) & Students with Disabilities

"The professors make sure that you have all the resources you need to succeed."

Upon graduating from The College of Mount Saint Vincent with a degree in English, Cristian Hilario was longing to find a program that would align with his passion for becoming an educator. After hearing exceptional reviews from past alumni — including those in his immediate family who are proud Spartans themselves — Cristian applied to STAC’s Masters of Science in Teaching program. “My mother and older sister went to STAC and had nothing but great things to say about the professors they had and their overall experiences,” he expressed. His final decision was made through researching the program as well as connecting with former teachers who would help solidify his choice. 

Now a graduate student, Cristian has observed how relevant the program is to his current positions at The Successful Learning Center and Nanuet Senior High School, where he works as a mentor and coach respectively. Cristian considers his most invigorating class at STAC to be “Exceptional Individuals” with Professor Paul: “I work in a school for exceptional adults. This class has a lot of relevant information, and my goal is to get my certification in special education in addition to general education. I believe this class will help me get there.” Not only does Cristian enjoy taking classes in the MST program, he finds the commute to campus easy, admires his cohorts and professors, and loves the campus’ amiable atmosphere. 

If there is one piece of advice he can give to anyone considering STAC’s Masters of Science in Teaching program it would be to keep working hard to get the most out of the experience. “It’s not a long program, but you really get a lot out of it. The professors make sure that you have all the resources you need to succeed.” Cristian expressed how graduate school is a huge commitment and understands how challenging it is firsthand, but with the encouraging support system in the MST program, it can be done. “Keep pushing because it will definitely be worth it,” said Cristian. 

Cristian has set many goals for himself that he is sure to accomplish, and credits his mother for being his biggest role model. In the next five years, this ambitious graduate student sees himself teaching, coaching, owning a home, and back in school pursuing a PhD. When he’s not hard at work, Cristian enjoys playing football, hiking, reading, drawing, writing, and spending time with his pet tortoise, Sheldon.