Childhood & Special Education, Grades 1-6

Christina Riccobono sitting at elementary school classroom

If you choose to pursue STAC’s major in childhood and special education (a dual-certification program), you’ll need to meet all of our childhood education requirements and take additional coursework in special education. This additional coursework will focus on learning characteristics of and teaching methods for students with mild disabilities and Autism. This comprehensive program prepares you to obtain certification as a classroom teacher (grades 1-6) in any state in the country.

our Alumni

Christina Riccobono, 2014
Response to Intervention Teacher in Bedford, NY

Christina (pictured above) majored in Childhood & Special Education at STAC.  She says, "I absolutely loved the education I got at STAC.  I learned so much from amazing professors who prepared me for my career as a teacher!"

Halley Hudson next to her second grade teacher at Hutchinson Elementary School

Halley Hudson, 2016
Teacher at Hutchinson Elementary School in Pelham, NY

Halley (pictured above with her own second grade teacher) majored in Childhood & Special Education at STAC.  She says, "Not only am I working at the elementary school I used to go to, I also get to work with my teacher I had in second grade! None of which would be possible without the opportunities STAC provided for me!"