Anthony Mancino, 2018

Major: Early Childhood/Childhood Education

Hometown: Congers, NY

“STAC is molding me into the best possible teacher I can be!”

Anthony has always been indecisive when it came to what he wanted to be when he grew up. In elementary school he told everyone he wanted to be a police officer, then a lion tamer, then the president. When he got to middle school he wanted to be a doctor, and then a police officer again. In high school he then faced the dilemma of wanting to become a forensic psychologist or becoming an architect. However, everyone he knew told him to go into teaching. He never understood why though. He was oblivious to the fact that he had always been teaching others. While in high school he became a peer tutor, and tutored children within his school’s district. Also in high school he took a class called “Child Development” which lead to working with preschoolers in KinderNorth, a preschool located in Clarkstown North High School. Anthony went on to become a counselor at Camp Ranachqua, a sleep-away Boy Scout camp. There he taught children different merit badges such as Art, Pulp & Paper, Graphic Arts, and Indian Lore.

During Anthony’s first year at STAC he finally realized what everyone had been telling him was true, when he started working at A Starting Place, a preschool for children with special needs. Anthony had finally decided to pursue a career in education! He eased his way into the education program by declaring himself as a Childhood Education major. As he took more and more education courses, he discovered that he had made the right decision. He then went on to become an Early Childhood/Childhood Education major, and he has recently been accepted into the dual degree program which will allow him to obtain a masters in Special Education (Grades 1-6). Anthony says “The guidance offered by the faculty at STAC has been phenomenal. I cannot thank them enough for the outstanding program they provide.”