Educational Studies

If you like working with children, but don’t think you want to pursue teacher certification or a career as a teacher, consider majoring in educational studies at STAC.

Our Educational Studies program is part theory (thinking) and part practice (doing). As an educational studies major, you’ll learn about childhood and adolescent behavior and how to educate learners with differing abilities. You’ll also strengthen your communication and problem-solving skills.

You’ll take your general education, education, and elective courses. You’ll also choose a concentration in English, science, math, history, social sciences, Spanish, psychology, or interdisciplinary studies. 

Upon graduation, you might decide that your work with children sparked an interest in becoming a teacher. As an educational studies graduate, you will be well prepared to transition to our Masters of Science in Teaching (MST) program and receive 12 credits of advanced standing toward your degree.


STAC’s educational studies alumni go to work in daycare centers, group homes, publishing, preschools, community education offices, Head Start programs, youth leadership programs, environmental education, and religious education. A degree in educational studies is also a good basis for work in social and behavioral science.