Undergraduate Application to the School of Education

There is a separate application process to the School of Education. 

The requirements for certification are demanding and academically rigorous. The School of Education considers it essential that applicants demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to carry out this commitment by maintaining a 2.5 GPA minimum and completing two education courses prior to applying to the School of Education.

Applicants make a formal application for admission to the teacher education programs during the first semester of their sophomore year. Transfer applicants make the application in their first semester at the college.

Orientation and Essay Writing:

Orientation and essay writing sessions are held during the fall semester in September and during the spring semester in February. These sessions assist applicants in completing the necessary steps for admission to the teacher education programs. After the Director of Clinical Experience hosts the orientation session, candidates will sit for the essay writing session. The teacher education faculty will evaluate the essays on the basis of style, grammar, usage, and organization. 

Applicants should check the teacher education bulletin board on the first floor of Borelli Hall and the monthly bulletin boards around campus for details. Any questions can be directed to the Office of the School of Education at 845-398-4158.

Acceptance into the Program:

The Dean of the School of Education reviews the application and transcript to determine that the applicant has met the academic requirements for admission to the program: a minimum GPA of 2.5 in general education courses and a minimum GPA of 2.75 in at least two (2) teacher education courses.

The Dean of the School of Education notifies applicants in writing of the outcome of the review. Applicants may not be permitted to register for EDEL 240, EDSC 218 or 300 level teacher education courses until they successfully complete the admission process. 

The applicants will be asked to indicate their desire to pursue a degree that leads to teacher certification by signing a Statement of Intention agreeing to all School of Education rules and regulations governing academic integrity and professional dispositions. 

Once accepted into the program, the Office of Undergraduate Education will begin to maintain a professional file for all undergraduates. The Office of Graduate Education will maintain files for all graduate candidates.