Student Teaching

Admission to Student Teaching

Candidates make a formal application for admission to student teaching during the second semester of junior year or during the fall semester of the MST program. Applications and requirements for student teaching will be distributed by the Director of Clinical Experience during a Student Teaching Seminar six months prior to the practicum. Candidates will submit their completed applications to the Director of Clinical Experience during a formal interview. Applications will be distributed to candidates at a pre-student teaching orientation meeting.

To be admitted to the student teaching, candidates must maintain the required level of academic performance

  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 in general education core courses
  • A minimum GPA of 2.75 in teacher education courses and in concentration major
  • Completion of all requirements (see Undergraduate or MST Worksheets in Student Teaching Manual)


The Director of Clinical Experiences assigns placements. In compliance with New York State Education Department recommendations, candidates are placed in schools where they have the best opportunities to meet the learning outcomes of student teaching. These include high-needs schools and/or schools where professional development commitments have been established between the college and the school districts. Geographic location (i.e., a reasonable travel distance from the campus) is taken into consideration when assigning placements.


Candidates are placed with cooperating teachers who serve as mentors and models of professional practice. They are certified teachers whose credentials match the credentials for which the candidate is preparing. Each candidate is assigned a college supervisor that is selected from professional educators identified as clinical supervisors for the Teacher Education Program. School principals, cooperating teachers, and supervisors receive a copy of the Student Teaching Manual.

Recommendation for New York State Teacher Certification

The College recommends to the New York State Teacher Certification agency candidates that have successfully completed the teacher education program and have satisfied the requirements for state certification. The New York State Department of Teacher Certification issues the appropriate certificate to graduates that have satisfied all requirements.

In addition to the requirements of the teacher education program, the state requirements include:

  • Completion of the Seminar on Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse
  • Completion of the Seminar on Prevention of Violence and Prevention of Child Abduction
  • Completion of the Seminar on Autism (for special education certificate)
  • Fingerprint clearance
  • Achieving passing scores on the appropriate certification level tests
  • Filing an online registration form at TEACH.org