Computer Science

Computer Science

Technology develops at a breakneck speed. That’s good news for computer science students. Why? Because you’ll help find solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems, including national security and environmental and energy issues. It can also give you a foot in the door of the booming gaming industry.


You’ll focus your studies by choosing a concentration in Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Graphics, or work with faculty to design your own specialized focus. Then you’ll take core courses in security, animation, bioinformatics, ethics and programming, among others. Our department faculty members have many years of experience in computer science and have active, funded research programs (which frequently include student assistance).

Featured Profile
Paola Garcia
Paola Garcia, '12
Computer Science

Growing up in Costa Rica, Paola had limited access to technology. From her first computer science course at age eight, she was hooked. Her path at STAC included presentations at national conferences and unique internships. Read more about Paola's story.

STAC FUTURES: Computer Science


Software Engineer/Web Developer/Network Administrator/Systems Analyst/ Database Administrator/Video Game Designer/Security Specialist



Hands-On Research Experiences: Students in Dr. Vermilyer's CS 435: Operating Systems and Embedded Systems Applications class demonstrate their robot projects.