Dr. Robert Vermilyer

Professor of Computer Science

Bob smiling wearing blue button up shirt with computer screen and hard drive in background

Dr. Robert Vermilyer’s passion for Computer Science extends beyond just his love for computers; he also values the problem solving skills necessary for the field. “Some now define a computer scientist as someone who solves other people’s problems using technology,” he says, explaining that “every part of our world has some sort of problems that need solving, and as a computer scientist I have constantly been challenged and given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of many different disciplines.”

His primary area of research is computer graphics, which is vital to modern technology. “Computer graphics is now a key component of virtual reality, augmented reality, cinema, video games, mobile phones and, and a variety of other specialized applications,” he explains.

Throughout his 17 years teaching at STAC, Dr. Vermilyer has taught a wide variety of courses, some of which include Animation, 3D Modeling, Gaming, and Robotics. In his classroom, he practices experiential learning, using programs such as XLab to better engage his students. A former student of his, Taulant Xhakli, accredits Dr. Vermilyer for the success he has had in his career since graduating from STAC, and says that “Dr. Vermillyer taught me not just the computational side of Computer Science, but the methodologies and art as well.”

From working closely with his students, Dr. Vermilyer has noticed the importance of flexibility for students, whether that be through class scheduling, majors, or extracurricular activities. His willingness to guide his students extends beyond the classroom; another former student of his, Alli Said Rachid, says that “Dr. Vermilyer was always ready to assist me in many ways, whether I had academic or career queries. He was always available to answer any issues I had with various school projects, and he'd even recommend me to register for higher level courses knowing my capabilities and wanting for me to increase my knowledge in the computer science field.”

Dr. Vermilyer values the interactions he has with faculty members both within and outside of the STEM discipline. Within his department, he finds that his colleague all share an enthusiasm for the field of computer science. 

Dr. Vermilyer grew up in upper Michigan, where he enjoyed running track, “snurfing” in the winter months, and reading the paper version of the World Book Encyclopedia. He has also had a fascination with penguins and collected them ever since he was a young boy. He now splits his time between New Jersey and the Poconos, and still enjoys running in his free time, as well as hiking and traveling. Some of his favorite cities to visit include Great Tew, England; Penzance, England; and Zermatt, Switzerland.