Laurie Child '15

CEO of LO Media

Laurie smiling outside with green grass and brick building with windows in background

While studying psychology as an undergraduate, Laurie Child made a decision that would set him on his future career path. He declared a minor in marketing and his interest in the field grew with every course he completed.

“One particular course I took with Dr. Deirdre-Noel Engels helped validate this [career path]. We were tasked with helping a local company come up with a marketing plan and then present our findings to them in person. My team won,” Laurie says.

Today, as the CEO of LO Media, a digital marketing agency based in Nyack, New York, Laurie assists clients with brand strategy, website design, marketing campaigns, and content creation. The company hosts marketing experts, professional developers, and a creative team to create marketing strategies that help their clients grow. Laurie enjoys the variety of work and feels satisfied once he helps clients such as the Meadowlands YMCA, Shaka Kitchen, Reilly’s Public House, Procida Funding, and Tallman Beach and Pool Club realize their vision and the strategies yield tangible results.

Laurie, who grew up in London, received a soccer scholarship from St. Thomas Aquinas College in 2011. In addition to sports, he participated in the Business Club and the National College Athlete Honor Society known as Chi Alpha Sigma. He also served as vice president of the Investment Club. After completing his bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in marketing, he went on to pursue a master’s degree in marketing at STAC while he worked as a graduate assistant in the college’s Career Development Office. In 2014, Laurie co-founded LinkOneUSA Limited, a foundation that operated out of London, England, to provide students and athletes the opportunity of higher education in the United States. He ran the foundation for four years.

Now a resident of Pearl River, New York, Laurie enjoys spending time with his wife, Alyssa and their son. He also enjoys playing soccer and exploring new restaurants. He is a member of the NY Shamrocks Soccer Club, NY Athletic Club, and the American Marketing Association.