Paolo Bruzzesi ‘23

Marketing Major, Social Media Minor

Paolo Bruzzesi smiling

“I applied to STAC so I can push the boundaries”

Paolo Bruzzesi defines the characteristics of what a Spartan represents. As a rising junior studying Marketing and Social Media at STAC, Paolo already has impressive accomplishments under his belt. Aside from being the President of the American Marketing Association, a member of the Business Club and Aquinas Leaders Program, Paolo was the 2020 recipient for the HVDMA (Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association) Laura L. Smith Scholarship Award! Only applicants who show the greatest interest and promise for leadership in direct, integrated, or one-to-one marketing are awarded this Scholarship. 

Dr. Deirdre Engels, Paolo’s Professor of Marketing at STAC, introduced him to this fantastic scholarship. He stated, “Dr. Engels has had the most dominant influence on me. She introduced me to this opportunity and wrote me the best recommendation letter that enabled me to win the scholarship. If it wasn’t for her input and support, I wouldn’t have been as motivated as I am now.”

“Paolo is a wonderful student and a remarkable person. Under his leadership as president of the AMA, Paolo helped reset the direction of the club during Covid and pivoted from in-person events to student-led Zoom interviews with industry leaders such as Pam Kaufman of Nickelodean and local entrepreneurs such as New York is a Nation (NYIAN). Along with Jason Enriques, Paolo increased our social media outreach and grew meeting attendance providing STAC students with a great way to connect with each other while also learning about future careers. He has a very bright future ahead and I can’t wait to see where this Spartan goes,” says Dr. Engels. 

When searching for the right college, Paolo found an instant connection to STAC — “In high school, I saw how well STAC prepares their students for the workforce and how many graduates received jobs and career opportunities. Once I visited campus, I saw the environment between professors and their students and saw that the standards were raised. I instantly felt this school was a hidden gem of the land of opportunity.”

Outside the classroom, Paolo has a passion for Catholic and Christian-based books and novels and enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and football. He also enjoys playing chess. Paolo’s interest in sports and his desire to study marketing trends has forged connections in everyday experiences with what he has learned in the classroom: “Once I started diving into my field of study, I was never so excited to watch Super Bowl commercials and dissect each psychology component marketers used to attract customers. I saw the innovative methods marketers used in their everyday operations, especially during the pandemic.”

Aspiring to pursue a career in marketing/social media and also pursue a separate career in ministry, Paolo is leveraging the knowledge he has gained from his course work, along with his passion for Catholicism and Christianity, to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.  

Fun facts: Paolo is a devoted A.C. Milan and New York Giants fan, and has a twin brother, who is also a student at STAC! He loves watching SpongeBob because it reminds him of his childhood.