Taylor Trinidad '21

Accounting Major

Taylor Trinidad in a red phone booth in London; smiling

“I chose St. Thomas Aquinas College because it has a beautiful "homey" feeling to it. I am a very family-oriented person, so I longed for a school that would give me that feeling.”

Taylor Trinidad has always shown attention to detail and enjoyed working with numbers. Like many students, when Taylor was a freshman, she was unsure of what major or career path she wanted to pursue. However, after being introduced to accounting in Professor Murphy-Holahan’s intermediate accounting class, Taylor knew that switching her major was the best decision for her. Taylor says accounting was one of the first courses she took at STAC, and she instantly fell in love with the concepts and several variations of accounting knowledge that can be applied to a business.

“The opportunities as an accounting major at STAC are beyond amazing. The opportunity to participate in the KPMG Mentorship Program, the dedicated professors, and the initiative to complete the necessary 150 hour requirement and to sit for the CPA exam, really sold me on choosing accounting as my major. STAC has taught me several advantages to having an accounting degree, and the array of job fields I can apply my degree in. The School of Business makes being a business major so exciting, they give you a taste of all flavors of the business industry and the various avenues of where the degree can take us, as long as we work hard at it,” states Taylor.

Mariellen Murphy-Holahan is one of STAC’s many amazing professors who is inspiring and making a tremendous impact on Spartans. “I have enjoyed watching Taylor grow so much since she took her first accounting course and decided to change her major to accounting. She always seeks out opportunities to develop as a professional by participating in activities such as the KPMG mentorship program and volunteering to be our mock interviewer for the annual accounting forum. She just landed a great part-time job in accounting and I am excited to see where she will be in five years,” states Professor Murphy-Holahan.

Currently thriving in her senior year at STAC, Taylor has gained more exposure than some individuals who are already working professionally in the field. Her tremendous work ethic has allowed her to display strong leadership skills while working in multiple positions she holds on and off campus. Taylor is the Business Club Secretary, an Aquinas Leader, a Treasurer for both AFC and Unstoppable, she’s a Career and a Spartan Ambassador, and an Orientation Leader/Event Leader. Taylor currently has a part-time job in tax with a small firm called Kopf & Haesche CPAs. She will start a new position as a Tax Associate with MBAF in January. It’s truly extraordinary how Taylor manages her time so efficiently and juggles all these roles, while still being a stellar student with an impressive GPA!

Taylor says if she were to advise future STAC students, it would be to encourage Spartans to get involved on campus as much as possible. She had the advantage of working with several offices on campus and has built relationships with many other students and faculty members who helped her grow. Another major piece of advice she would give is to study abroad! Taylor spent six months in Rome, Italy and had the journey of a lifetime traveling throughout Europe! Taylor’s opportunity to study abroad has not only given her some of the most adventurous months of her life, this experience has also given her incentive to work for a company with international headquarters.

Taylor is just one of STAC’s remarkable Spartans who has taken advantage of the College’s range of opportunities, gaining exposure in many aspects of the business world. Taylor is currently in the 5-year program at STAC, which has allowed her to take upper level graduate courses while being an undergraduate student. Following her undergraduate graduation in May 2021, Taylor plans to complete the MBA program and graduate in 2022. With all her valuable experiences and fantastic positive, driven attitude, Taylor Trinidad is sure to have a bright future!