Angela Gallo ‘16

MAJOR: Art Therapy
Study Beyond Experience: Italy

“We met students from other colleges who paid the money to go abroad but weren’t getting college credit for it. We had the same amazing experiences they did, but we also earned credits toward our STAC diploma.”

Over the course of her 10-day trip to Italy, one moment stands out the clearest in Angela Gallo’s mind: Sitting with her friends atop the cliffs of Capri overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. “We sat there the whole day. It was the off-season, so there was no one around. It was one of the best, most beautiful days of my life.”

In March 2015, Angela and a handful of her classmates and professors flew to Italy for a whirlwind tour of the Mediterranean country, making stops in Venice, Florence, Rome, Assisi, Pompeii, Capri, and Sorrento. The trip was the capstone experience in her Italian Language and Culture class, which offers students a guided trip to Italy to experience Italian culture in person.

“We got a taste of each city, had authentic Italian food, and toured monuments, cathedrals and glass-blowing factories. I even met up with some friends from home who were studying abroad in Italy,” Angela says.

Upon returning to STAC, Angela and her peers wrote reaction papers detailing their experiences in Italy, earning three college credits at the end of the spring semester.

“A trip like this changes your life. Unless you travel, you don’t realize how much else is out there,” Angela says. “I learned and gained so much. Whether you go for a semester or 10 days, just do it.”

Angela is in her senior year at STAC and is in the process of applying to graduate schools to earn her master’s degree in art therapy.