Fricely Nivar, 2016

Hometown: Bronx, NY
Major: International Business
Study Beyond Experience: Around the World

“I didn’t know anyone when I started my trip. Before it was over, I met a group of lifetime friends. I still can’t believe how amazing my experience was.”

As a junior at STAC, Fricely Nivar decided that a degree in international business would be a lot more rewarding with a semester abroad. So she enrolled in the college’s Around the World program, which took her from Spain to France to Italy — and far beyond.

From August to December of 2014, Fricely studied Spanish history in Seville, Spain; art history and economics in Paris, France; and history and Italian in Rome, Italy. But the learning didn’t stop on weekends and holidays.

“Once you’re in Europe, traveling is so inexpensive. My new friends and I ventured out on our own when we had free time,” Fricely says. Their stops? Morocco, Ireland, England, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Portugal, as well as side trips to sites and cities throughout Spain, France, and Italy.

While abroad, Fricely spent as much of her free time as possible roaming The Louvre in Paris. In Italy, she fell in love with the Italian language. She enrolled in Italian classes when she returned to STAC and continues to study Italian to this day.

“St. Thomas Aquinas’s study beyond experience completely altered my life and my way of thinking. Before my trip, I never considered traveling abroad. Being exposed to so many cultures and settings opened the world to me,” Fricely says. “I tell everyone, ‘Do this. You won’t regret it.’”

After graduation, Fricely wants to pursue her MBA at STAC and ultimately land a corporate position that requires international travel.