Sean Wilson '17

Hometown: Pearl River, NY
Major: Communication Arts

“I recommend going or studying abroad 1000%. I only went for 10 days, but the experience and memories will last forever.”

Sean Wilson hit the ground running. A transfer student from SUNY Cortland, Sean came to STAC in his junior year after two years of studying to become a physical education teacher. After realizing that teaching wasn’t the profession for him, he decided to pursue a degree at STAC that would help him realize his dream of working in entertainment news.

“As a freshman, I kind of rushed into the physical education major. It was all trial and error,” Sean says. “I came home to regroup, and it all worked out. I’m happy about my decision to transfer to STAC.”

In his first year at STAC, Sean learned of a School of Business trip to London, Amsterdam, and Brussels. Although he didn’t know anyone who was going on the trip, Sean signed right up.

“I figured I’m young and always wanted to travel, so I should take the opportunity to do this now before I’m in the real world and need to take time off from a job,” Sean says. “It was a great decision. I had a lot of fun, made a lot of friends, and saw more than I ever imagined.”

He says the 10-day trip was packed with sightseeing and learning experiences he’ll never forget, including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and Wembley Stadium.

“This was my first time out of the country, and seeing another part of the world and how other cultures work gave me the travel bug,” Sean says. “Those of us who went on the trip have a group chat about going on the next trip to Costa Rica in the spring.”

During his senior year at STAC, Sean will do an internship with Fox News Network in Manhattan, were he will work in Production in the Digital Library. He is currently a public relations intern with the Rockland Boulders baseball team in Pomona, New York (pictured below).Sean Wilson at the office of the Rockland Boulders

“Ultimately, I’d like to work behind the scenes in the sports world,” Sean says. “STAC is giving me an active, hands-on education that is preparing me for that goal.”