• Single male student leaning against a pillar and group of students chatting

    Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 11am
    At. St. Thomas Aquinas College, professors know your name, students say hello, and standing out and fitting in aren’t mutually exclusive.  Our Open House is the perfect way to view campus life!  learn more and register

  • A group of honor students
    Dining with Honors

    Our prospective Honors Program students for the Class of 2022 came together to enjoy a meal and meet with faculty and students. The Honors Program is just one of several special academic programs offered by the College. Read more about our special programs. 



We live in an exciting, ever-evolving, unpredictable world. From Day One, St. Thomas Aquinas will begin preparing you to play a meaningful role in it.

Well give you a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences so you can think and communicate clearly. Well guide you through cutting-edge programs so you can embark upon a career that matters in today's world. Well introduce you to new cultures, ideas and experiences — here and around the globe.

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