Admissions Team


Samantha Bazile

Samantha Bazile, '07

Director of Admissions

Hometown: West Nyack, NY
College Major: Social Science

Samantha’s favorite movie is “The Wizard of Oz.” And although there’s no place like home, she vows there’s no place like STAC, either. As admissions director, Samantha oversees the college’s recruitment and admission operations. She says there’s nothing more rewarding than meeting a student at a college fair, watching them become a part of STAC, and seeing them walk across the stage at graduation. She also says she could live on chicken wings, gummy bears, and peanut M&Ms. That sounds pretty rewarding, too.

headshot of Tommy Sapienza

Thomas Sapienza

Associate Director Of Admissions

Hometown: Ardsley, NY
College Major: Music Industry

Tommy says if Hollywood makes a movie about his life, Jonah Hill will get the starring role. A self-professed “pop-culture nerd,” Thomas loves all things Marvel, movies and comic books (which includes his cats, Boba Fett and Harley Quinn).  Tommy’s favorite vacation spot is Disney World. It’s no wonder that he appreciates the close-knit, welcoming community at STAC, which we think is the second “happiest place on earth” next to Disney! 

Dana Capanong

Dana Caponong, '09

Assistant Director, Transfer & Graduate Coordinator, International Programs

Bachelor's Degree in Math/Secondary Education and a Masters Degree in Counseling

Dana was once the bassist in a punk-rock band. These days, she’s into animé, role-playing games (RPGs) and spending time with her rescue pups, Cyrus, TenTen and Pocky. Dana works with transfer and graduate students, and also spends some of her time recruiting top international students from around the world. On weekends, you’ll find Dana barbequing with family and friends or heading to the dog park.

Gina Funaro

Gina Erazo, '15

Regional Admissions Coordinator

Hometown: Queens, NY
College Major: Business Administration/Management

Even though Gina graduated from STAC in 2015, it wasn't long before she found herself back on campus. She spent two years as an RA during her time here and now serves as a Residence Life Professional, in addition to her role as Admissions Counselor. She says she loves STAC's community feel and being able to know everyone on campus — from students to professors to staff. When she’s not visiting and working with students from Rockland County and the Hudson Valley, you’ll find Gina working out at the gym or surfing Pinterest.

headshot of Ryan Gasser

Ryan Gasser, '17

Regional Admissions Coordinator

Hometown: Staten Island, NY
College Major: Sport Management

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Ryan’s favorite cartoon character, of course! When he’s not enjoying the antics of SpongeBob, singing karaoke or making his famous pancakes, Ryan travels New Jersey in search of STAC’s next freshman class. As a 2017 STAC alumnus and former Mr. Spartan, Ryan knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a successful STAC student. Look for him at a guidance office near you!