High School Program

In today’s competitive educational environment, more and more high school students are getting a jump on their college careers by taking St. Thomas Aquinas College course work while still in high school. St. Thomas Aquinas College has articulation agreements with high schools in New York and New Jersey with plans for expansion across the region. The courses are college level and are accepted as direct transfer credit to other colleges and universities. You will hone your skills in preparation for college-level course work and gain valuable college credit toward your eventual degree goals. 

These courses are taught by your qualified instructors at the high schools and fulfill both the high school credit requirement and college requirement for three credits. High school instructors submit copies of their course syllabi to our Deans each semester  --  ensuring that the high school instructors are providing the college level course content and preparing high school students for college credit.

Current tuition for these courses is only $75 per credit or $225 for a typical three credit course -- a substantial reduction from the $3,000-$5,000 typical cost for one college course at many private colleges. As students take 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 courses in high school and earn 15 credits the savings is incredible. Thousands of dollars can be saved in tuition and room and board costs for the student who chooses to live away from home at college. 15 credits at the high school level can mean an entire semester saved for just over $1,100!

A variety of courses can be offered to enhance the high school experience. Sample syllabi are provided below as pdf files. A broad variety of courses can be offered based on the high school teacher's credentials and the St. Thomas Aquinas College course catalog.

Art Course Samples
Art 101

Business Course Samples
Intro to Business
Intro to Marketing
Intro to Macroeconomics
Personal Financial Management

English Course Samples
College English
English Composition

Science Course Samples
Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy and Physiology II
Environmental Biology
General Biology I
General Biology II
General Biology I Lab
General Biology II Lab
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry I Lab
General Psychology
Human Biology
Marine Biology
Intro to Forensic Science

Math Course Samples
College Algebra