Monroe-Woodbury High School

ACCT 101 Principles of Accounting I 
​The fundamentals of accounting theory and practice, the accounting cycle and periodic reporting, analysis of transactions for receivables, merchandise inventory, plant assets and intangible assets. 

BIO 101 Human Biology 
Structure and function of the major systems of the human body and how they interact. Students who received credit for BIO 150 or BIO 301 – 302 cannot receive credit for this course. 

BIO 140 Marine Biology 
Characteristics and natural history of major groups of marine organisms, factors that affect life in the ocean including nutrient and light levels, ecology of selected marine ecosystems.  

MKT 102 Principles of Marketing 
This course provides a decision‑oriented overview of marketing management in modern organizations. We will study the process of creating and distributing goods and services, in response to consumer wants and needs. Forecasting, target markets, consumer behavior, product mix, pricing, channels of distribution, selling, and market control will be focused on. The total marketing function will be reviewed including internal and external influences and how they affect the achievement of organizational goals. 

PHY 201  General Physics I  (Full Year)
Primarily for students in mathematics and the natural sciences. Fundamentals of motion, force, linear momentum, work, power, energy, gravitation, mechanics of rigid bodies, rotation, angular momentum, wave motion. Three lecture hours and one recitation hour per week.