Nazareth Regional High School

BIO 130 Environmental Biology 
The basic structure and function of the ecosystem and how human activity affects it. Lecture course. 

ENG 205 Writing About World Literature 
This course refines and enhances the writing skills developed in Writing 101 and Writing 102 through engagement with a selection of representative works by important international writers. As in English 201 and 203, we cover representative works of poetry, drama, and prose. As in English 201 and 203, we explore how important works of literature helped to shape, and were shaped by, events around the world. In particular, you will work to develop skills in close reading and analytical writing necessary to investigate the vexed cultural issues that such works engage—status, gender, race, nationhood, the other, family, education, and a host of other concerns. Finally, we consider how many of the writers we encounter reflect on writing itself, asking what literature is good for, what it can do, and how it relates to the rest of the world.  

MATH 109 Applied Calculus 
Selected topics in calculus pertinent to the study of life sciences and managerial and social sciences. Functions, limits, differentiation, integration, methods and applications of the differential and integral calculus.

PSYC 103 General Psychology 
Principles and practices of contemporary psychology. Learning, intelligence, motivation, emotion development and personality and social psychology.    

SOC 101 Introductory Sociology 
The fundamental concepts of the discipline, its scientific method, and its application to human behavior. Change in the individual’s relationship to society including social role and interaction, social stratification, group and power relations, and relations between institutions.