Nyack High School

BUSA 205 Business Law I (Full Year)
An introduction to the American legal system, with emphasis on the law of contracts, agency and real property. The Uniform Commercial Code. Specific study of areas of particular importance to business, including contracts, torts, constitutional law, ethics, agency and other aspects of the law related to business. This course is intended to serve as a basis for your understanding of the legal system and legal processes as well as legal reasoning. 
Recommended as an elective for non-business majors. 

BUSA 207 Personal Financial Management (Full Year)
This course provides an overview of the consumer and his/her need for informed personal financial decisions & judgments. Topics include: money management and planning, budgeting, tax planning credit and borrowing, saving and investment, housing, taxes, and retirement and estate planning. Recommended for non-business majors.